About us



"Made in Japan" is such a simple phrase, yet it instantly evokes an image of exceptional design, trust, calmness and high-quality production. Japan is known for creating some of the most stylish, innovative and whimsical products in the world….…mostly all with a Wow! factor.

Japan has been so far well known for automobiles, electronics, cameras, etc. but there are thousands of other products that are extremely high quality too but are less reachable to a general world-wide audience. In essence, MADE IN JAPAN products are world famous for its high quality but are not easy to source.

Through buyjapanproducts.com, Nizona Corporation places these lesser known, thousands of MADE IN JAPAN products to the reach of the world in a handy, simple and affordable manner. It will be first of its kind concept where thousands of only Japanese products will be made available in all the categories to the world.

Buyjapanproducts.com Platform Vision: Taking this platform far ahead with all the required horizontal as well as vertical expansion beyond multiple boundaries in different format of trades i.e. e-commerce portal in multiple countries, B2B, B2C, International franchise stores and also into OEM / Private label.

Work Culture: Our team works closely with Japanese makers with the motto of developing, manufacturing, introducing and exporting innovative and highly demanded day to day utility products from multiple categories i.e. Personal Care, Home Care, Household, Stationery, Traditional Japanese Products are being introduced.